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Pricing policy

MATARREVALVA reserves at all times and unilaterally the right to modify the price of the products and services offered through its website. To guarantee the customer the certainty and security of the price of their products, this will be the current one in the advertising coinciding with the moment of formalizing the order.
In the electronic purchase process, the following steps will be followed according to the options menu on the MATARREVALVA website:
Information about the product offered to the customer: includes technical characteristics, description, warranty period, manufacturer's brand, orientative photograph (if applicable).

Product price information

information on the final price or retail price of the product to be purchased, containing in the same order the final cost for the customer and including VAT, shipping costs and merchandise insurance and handling derived from transport. The final cost, therefore, will be communicated to the client in the electronic purchase process before he formalizes his acceptance by choosing the option "acceptance of the order" from the options menu.
Possible discounts or promotional gifts will be freely directed by MATARREVALVA to the groups designated at any time by MATARREVALVA, or depending on the product offered, according to the existing advertising at any time on its website.
According to EGEDA (SGAE) and BOE ministerial order No. 148, Order PRE / 1743 / 2008 published on June 19, 2008, MATARREVALVA integrates the increase in compensatory remuneration into the prices of all items (apparatus and equipment) subject to the canon. by private copy.

order acceptance

At the time of formalizing the order, once the option of the order acceptance menu has been used, the client's consent is understood to be given for the validity and effectiveness of the sales contract that binds the parties.
After accepting the order, MATARREVALVA will inform the client of the same by sending the order confirmation and also sending the current general conditions of MATARREVALVA to the email indicated by the client.
The commitment acquired by MATARREVALVA for the sale and delivery of the merchandise offered is subject to the stock of the advertised product and its availability until the end of stock, for which reason MATARREVALVA, in its commitment to quality and customer service, tries at all times to advertised products are available. However, in the event of exceptional circumstances such as abusive order, interactive multi-order or those others that cause the end of stock of the product, the order and the contract signed between the parties will be rendered null and void by virtue of this resolutive clause, fully restitution to the client in In the case of prepayment, the amounts paid for it.

Methods of payment by the client: the following payment systems are established:

Payment with VISA/Mastercard:

At www.matarrevalva.es we do not receive or have access to any information related to your credit card.
For the collection of orders we use the secure gateway provided by the bank through the Virtual POS.
When you get to the payment step during the purchase process, if you choose the credit card payment method, the website will be redirected to the bank's gateway, so the payment will be made directly between your card and our bank without any intervention manual by us.
To verify that your payment is secure, simply verify that at the time of the transaction the website has changed from starting with http:// to https:// (the letter "s" at the end indicates that you are on a secure website).

Payment with paypal:

PayPal, the trusted leader in Internet payments, enables buyers and businesses to send and receive money online.
It is safe?
PayPal helps protect credit card information with the best security and fraud prevention systems in the industry. When PayPal is used, financial information is never shared with the seller.
We do not receive or have access to any information related to your credit card.

Wire transfer:

We offer you the possibility of acquiring your purchases by paying by bank transfer.

Cash on delivery:

You also have the possibility of acquiring your purchases by cash on delivery, you pay the delivery person of the transport agency the exact amount at the time of delivery of the package.

MATARREVALVA will issue a physical invoice that will be sent and delivered together with the order to the address of the customer designated by the latter.
MATARREVALVA warns that you cannot modify sales invoices after invoicing in compliance with current regulations. (Royal Decree 1496/2003 on Billing standards, modified by Royal Decree 87/2005). The invoice is issued

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