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About us


The beginning of a centuries-old tradition...

Matarrevalva is the name of a place near the town of Ledrada, located in the province of Salamanca.

At the end of the 19th century and the beginning of the 20th, the butchers Celedonio Gómez and his son-in-law, Segundo García, used this place as a "resting place" for the Iberian pigs that they had transferred for slaughter from Extremadura to Castilla.

Matarrevalva meant a rest for the Iberian pigs, fatigued by the long journey they had made. In this meadow they were kept for several days before being slaughtered so that, with this rest, they provided fresh, healthy and juicy meat. All this in the most efficient way so that the manufacture of the cold cuts was of the best quality.



...which continues to this day.

Today, with the intention of continuing the family tradition after several generations, the products with the Matarravalva brand are selected by choosing Iberian pigs raised naturally, in the Extremaduran pasture.

The traceability of our products is guaranteed by monitoring by qualified food and animal welfare personnel. These are the basic principles that we carry out to provide the best quality in our products.

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